August 2, 2011

Come Fly with Me...

Today I might have been pushed, shoved, catapulted to my next scarf design. As you all should know by now my current designs have been around the theme of Stained Glass. When I was looking up ideas, this beautiful photo popped up and ever since has been pinned to my wall. 

I have not yet created this butterfly design because I honestly was not sure if anyone would really want a butterfly... or that it would not look cheesy. However I think my mind has finally decided that Yes! I should just go for it, I mean what do I have to lose? What was it that changed my mind today? 

Well I was at my Favorite Store and saw this shirt. And I ALMOST bought it Just becaused it looked kinda said in just black and white. [Yes I almost bought a XS that I would never EVER be able to wear, just so I could have the fun of painting the butterfly....sadly I was even trying to justify the purchase  by telling myself Cherry Coke could wear it. If you do not know who Cherry Coke is Click Here ]

So there we are, the next scarf to come off the rack will be a lovely Butterfly. Anyone interested in bug scarves? 

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