August 3, 2011

Google This...

First off I want to thank EVERYONE who is reading this [please please please leave me a comment :) ]
Secondly, today has been a very lazy day, one which I have been spending a lot of time reading other peoples blogs. [Welcome to those who are reading this because I started following you today]
Today's google search words were: Art craft booth, art fair, and silk displays
Silk displays didn't really get me very far, but art craft booth did. Found some lovely new people on Blogger that where either new to craft fairs, talked about setting up for craft fairs, or just had advice on craft fairs. This week I received a email from Aunt forwarding me a flier for the 2012 Indiana Art Fair at the Indiana State Museum. The actual event will be in February of 2012 but all submissions need to be in by October.
Because that date is a little farther out then the previous fair [finding out about it a week before due] I am considering it... hence all the Googling... or is it Google-ing?
Anyway, so that being said there are some things that needs to be done before this can happen.
  1. The application requires a photo of the booth setup.
    • Thus I need said booth, and items for "setting up"
  2. I need to design all of the scarf blanks in my current possession,
  3. Also should try designing some of the silk ties I purchased at the Father's Day sale [Thank you Melissa at *Tangible Daydreams* for great blogs about painting ties]
  4. Then once all that is underway, I should finally be able to get:
    1. A Possible Esty store open as a precursor to the Craft Fair
    2. Finalize the cost of production... No more "in the air" costs!
  5.  FINALLY, I will have a working goal. This is the true test of if I can do this.
So now I would love to hear advice from you, or encouragement.

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