August 18, 2011

New Technology.

So some of you may have noticed that MarissaInk Online has been going through some changes, I am very sorry to anyone that had issues of trying to get on the website this past week.
With the change over of Layout and color schemes came some new technology. Some things are not quite finished but is working and availible for previewing.

One of the Most Excieting things I think is a new feature called .....
This is a fantastic new feature which allows you to submit ideas to me without having to bother sending me an actual email. [YOU]ink is a simple form that helps me understand what you are thinking and jump start the creative process. Questions include things like: colors, dream design, and what silk items you would like to see available. Also there is a place to attach two photos to give me even more inspiration. [YOU]ink is not a contract and anyone can submit a form, even more than one form. You are asked at the top of the form if you are interested in purchasing your idea or if it only for MarissaInk's sketchbook... 
which brings me to the next feature.........

This is a place for me to put sketches and ideas that I am considering but not yet put on silk. Here you will see a mixed bag of themes and have the opportunity use these unfinished sketches in your custom orders. **At the time of this blog post there are no sketches currently up, but there will be soon, as the final website changes go into place. 
Also there is now a Help page... and I am sure that will be updated and changed as time goes by. This page also has a collection of helpful ideas of how to wear ones scarf, which will also be updated as I am always looking for new ways to help you.

Finally there is the Newly improved Digital Store
Here will be an assortment of what is available to purchase. There are many tabs including: What blanks are currently in stock, and what has been dyed and ready for new owners. The digital store will be continually updated.... and in the event that MarissaInk opens an Etsy store, it will be you don't have to worry about learning any new links. 
So I think I have covered most everything. Love getting feed back! 

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