August 7, 2011

Rawr... Part One

Well the newest scarf is fresh off the stretcher
"Rawr" in Royal Blue with a "Large Plant Eater" [Shunosaurus? Saltasuarus? Jobaria? Yeah I not sure which dinosaur you would say it is]

For those of you who have not ever heard "Rawr", its a 21st centry phrase: "Rawr means I love you in Dinosuar"
Some people say it comes from Michael Gondry's The Science of Sleep, Or a children's movie from the 90s... others say the origin of the word is uncharted since it dates back a few hundred million years. 
Either way you look at it, its still a cute phrase and very cute scarf if I do say so myself.  So expect to see Rawr in Royal Blue on the website under "For Sale" soon. Also keep your eye out for Rawr Version Two sometime soon.

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