August 5, 2011

Cold Blooded... RAWR

This week I went to the Dr for my yearly physical.  And my favorite thing of the whole visit is getting blood work done... YEPPIIIEEEE!! [yeah that's sarcasm]
However I did have a brief oppertunity to share my scarf work with one of the nurses in the lab... Great big shout out to THE BEST LAB TECH, you know who you are!! [My arm only has a little tiny bruise and it only hurt a little bit, so THANK YOU for being so amazing. To fill in everyone else, Nurses seem to complain a lot about my veins. Usually I hear they are too tiny or that they move, so I usually end up with big bruises and a useless right arm for a day or two]

Anyway, not to pressure you if you are in fact reading this, but Super-Nurse was interested in a scarf for one of her "little rascals". Particularly the possibility of a dinosaur one. So with that idea in my head, I keep seeing  RAWR.... so now I looking up if that is copyrighted. But I think even if I never get in contact with her again, I will in fact try to make a cute-chic scarf with RAWR.

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