August 6, 2011

Climbing up the Ladder...

Today was big for great sales... not only did my favorite store have a 50% off store wide [which I sadly never got a chance to go to] but there where many garage sales. And it just so happens that at one of these fine sales I found the first piece of my future art booth... crossing fingers that I really do manage to get everything in place. 
I also had an opportunity to show off my scarf work to a few of my mother's colleges. [Shout out to the girls with the Blackberry Pie!] 
After a few minutes of conversation, many new ideas have risen which I share here to 
  1. Get opinions... thumbs up, thumbs down
  2. Give a sneak peak into what may be coming out of the Studio
So one of the first things we discussed was of course what they personally would like to have MarissaInk design for them.
Such ideas were: More cars and trucks, Food -such as summer pies, lemons and limes, watermelon; Dogs- head shots with name, mix of breads.
Second topic of the night was how to help MarissaInk branch out and reach more people.
Personalized Weddings! 
  Ok so I have been thinking about this for quite a while in the far off dream of my own wedding. [Nobody Freak.... nothing happening and you already know more than me about it... haha]  But I had thought that it would be really special for a DIY Bride, which I'm sure I will be, to make-- or have a hand in making-- the ties for groomsmen, or shawls for bridesmaids. What a unique gift for them to take from your wedding... and it might even be warn more often then that dress you promised them they could shorten and wear to another event in their life. [Its ok, I have one of those dresses in my closet too.] 
 After all, satin and silk is often a main staple at weddings, so why wouldn't I look at creating something. Even if the bride does not want the item to be worn for the wedding [Who wouldn't?] it would be able to make something completely unique to give their attendants since all MarissaInk items are handmade and thus never perfectly duplicated,.
 *since writing this I have found a great current example of a DIY Bride bringing in Hand Dyed items. In this photo, a bride in Virginia contacted Handmade by Leah to create some hand dyed fabric bags to be used as candy bag favors for her guests. (And look at the blue!!) 

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