August 10, 2011

Screen Paint

Today is a GREAT day! The weather is amazing!! And I just got the chance to raid my grandma's "closet"...well more like her garage, but same thing right?

You will never guess what I now have possession of.... Hint: Look at the title

Give up? I have three, THREE (3)!!! screens. This are six foot wall divider type screens. So I now can make a U-shaped room approximately  6' 5"x6' 5"x 6'. Today I had a few hours before going to the state fair to paint one side of one of them. Now only 5 more sides!

And where did you get the paint, you might ask? Well for the past two weeks my mom has been sending me to the Toxic Waste Collection Center with some old paints, and I just so happened to still have some left. [I have been taking about 3-5 cans per trip, along with other to not completely overwhelm them with how much Junk we have] So I have some white and three shades of blue that I am trying out.

 The one side that I painted today is light blue [And now that I have the screen inside I can see that its the left over paint from my bedroom, no wonder I liked the color :) ] Sadly, I have about used all it up with that one side.. but thats ok because I envisioned the screens to be either different colors or have light and dark rims. As you can tell ideas are still being mulled around, with lots of testing and just seeing how far the paints will go.

So do you have anything that I could barrow for a mock sale? To remind everyone, I am trying to apply for the Indiana Art Fair at the Indiana State Museum, and one requirement is to have a booth photo in the application.  So I would love ideas, suggestions, and even donations/loans [or point me in the direction] for this booth display.  I have hopes of finding/borrowing:

  •  a dress form, or something similar to display a scarf, technically i only need the neck and shoulders.
  • Mirror, and ideas of how to set it up...full length mirror? small mirrors? 
  • Folding table, would love access to the type that fold in the middle. 
  • Director's Chair, or a folding chair that looks very "classy" for possible Silk Pillow Case display.

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