August 8, 2011

Rawr... Part Two sneak peak

Ok so its back to the sketch/doodle pad for this next scarf. I am not a huge dino-fanatic... but I am someone that thinks the Phrase Rawr is pretty darn cute.
So I am back again with my little dinos, this time looking at the very popular. T-REX!
So after making SERVAL attempts, I finally got the essence of a T-rex I wanted: realistic yet kinda cute/friendly

Now I just need to figure out the colors. Now usually, I just "See" the colors in my mind's eye and don't really need to plan ahead. But sometimes [very rare] I do actually get out my colored pencils and lay out the full design. This idea is in fact one of the puzzling ones for me and got colored. [I think some of the reasons that I don't color them on paper is that dye colors are hardly ever the same color and I like to me flexible with how things turn out... and I usually don't take the time to "blend" colors on paper... since dyes on silk flow and bleed very easily] 
  So you see my beautiful sketch here, with three colors surrounding Rexy... those are my current visions of background for the main part of the scarf. The camera does change the colors slightly but the three I am considering is dark Red, dark purple, or dark green
The Red in the photo is not nearly dark enough... but looking at what I have here, Im leaning towards the green.  I really wanted to keep Rexy in "traditional" colors of brown, orange, and redish tints. Although real dinosaurs could have been neon yellow for all we know... You would really see that coming at you. no wonder they went existent.

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