October 17, 2012

Standing on a Roof...

Its been quiet around here for far too long, and yet it it is very hard for me to write anymore.
Every thought that seems to come out of my head through my fingers seem to be... just complants, grumblings... and then i just sit here at my blank screen for another hour and delete it all.

They say if you dont have anything nice to say then dont say anything at all, and thats basically what I have done for the past 2 months. I have got to get past this... so I am just not going to let myself talk about that one topic in my life and MOVE ON...

[New Topic]
Why are topic's so difficult? I was going to talk about today's storm, but could not get past the first sentence. So I think there is no way I am going to have a topical entry today.. so I am going to just answer some "Get to know you" Random Questions... Enjoy

What food reminds you of your grandmother/grandfather?  I wrote an essay on this once so I will chose a different answer this time... I will aways remember my Grandma Mack making homemade whole grain waffles with nuts and some really good syrup for breakfast. And you cant forget her turkey meat loaf.. nobody makes it like her

What does home smell like? Well my dad would say that it smells like dogs... If this means what sent makes you feel at home aka "at peace" I would have to say the scent of my boyfriend's shirt, makes me feel like he is there giving me a big hug when I have a bad day.

What makes you jealous? Unfortunately a lot of things... time spent with someone else after someone promised to spend that time with you... but that seems more Mad then Jealous.

What is the worst kept secret at your work? UHHHH.... worst kept rule is No Cell phones while working... but secret? I dont know.. going to have to ask.

When was a time in your life when you where seeking attention? ... I was tempted to delete this question... i dont know how to answer this... I feel like I am seeking attention every time I write a blog [again with the 2 month break]

What food looks a lot better than it tastes? hmm, something that looks good but tastes bad... well lets just go with something that I dont like: Spagetti 

What was the most rewarding travel experience that have you had? I would say anytime that I travel to see someone I love... be it my family or boyfriend

When you have a sweet tooth what food do you crave?  This depends on what I have had recently or what is in the house.... It would be in the Carb family most likely, though I do love chocolates

When was the nicest meal you have ever eaten? One with a lot of friends and family... when? I dont know [Why again did I make myself do these ramdom questions?] Maybe it was my surprise birthday party last August.. but then that would also be a moment of "seeking attention" 

Do you believe in life on other planets? yes/no/maybe

What sucks away your time? Waiting... I feel like "The Girl who Waited" [Yes i did just throw in a little Dr Who]

What is your best personality trait? Yeah you ask that now that you have me feeling all selfish/self centered... But I feel like I am very caring and do go out of my way to see the needs in others

What celebrity crush have you had? you said "What" so I will say "a small one"...  :) you didn't ask "Who"

If you were going to get a tattoo, what would it be and where? I would never get a tattoo because it just sounds painful, but I used to want one on my bicep, not sure if I still want it... Thought about a band of some sort.

What personality traits do you look for in a partner? Someone who can be quirky and spontaneous with me

What is one thing you regret in life? I regret buying these halloween candies that I have not stopped eating.

What is one thing you like about being an adult? I like being able to visit places by myself if i want to

What is one thing you miss about being a child? I miss the cheeper entrance fees to the places that I am not visiting by myself 

If you had next Monday off, what would you do with it? I might paint since it has been a while

If you where on death row, what would you want your last meal to be? Something really fattening, like chocolate cake with a lot of icing, 

What is the most money you have ever held in your hand? I recently held a little over $700 in cash when I had to pay my dad for my cell phone

What do you like to learn about? I like to learn about history.. be it the history of people, places or things.. how and why things are the way they are.

If you where to teach a class what would you teach? General courses.. LOL.. yeah  a little bit of everything, some history, some art, and some cooking

How old where you when you had your first kiss? I was... [takes out calculator] .. I was 19

I finished... and I did not delete any question even though some of them where hard for me. See you next time. 

August 23, 2012

How to pull a surprise Birthday party...

...Or what not to do

OK First of all, I cant believe that everyone showed up at 8/9pm to surprise me.. I really was surprised with who all was there. but I have to start this at the beginning

Friday I took my cousin to the Indiana State Fair which we had a great time.. I took her through her first Fun house, childish I know... and we rode lots and LOTS of rides... she did puke but that was only because she was laughing too hard while drinking a pop. She actually got me to ride a tower drop.. though I dont think I want to do that again.
On the way home we where talking about a little bit of everything and one question she asked me was what my birthday wish was... I said that I always wanted a surprised party but that it always seems like I would have to plan my own... 
Then Sunday was to be the family birthday dinner, but I had to work... me being the paranoid person I am figured two things... 1. I would get a phone call of them singing happy birthday or 2. All or some would show up at work and try to embarrass me.
...Well neither happened so I figured meh, my vibes from my cousin where wrong and I really am over thinking everything.
Well that evening, Mom tells me that my Aunt [her mom] said that I could not have my birthday card since I wasn't at the party.. thus my brain said... "oh maybe she is going to come over and visit on my birthday. I was no longer thinking about it being a "surprise party".
So if everyone had kept their cool, They would have completely pulled it off {and I wouldnt have had my camera on me... because despite popular belief I dont carry my camera with me at all times}

However several things occurred on my birthday that kinda gave it away:
  1.  Dad mentions that my cousin is coming over to look at the new saw that he will be using on friday... why would he come at 8pm? and why does he need to look at the saw right away? A saw is a saw, nothing that special about it.
  2. While at dinner I mention that we have not had dessert and even though I was full it is still tradition to at lest HAVE a cake around... which we didnt, and with the new stove I knew Mom had not baked anything.
    1. Mom says that I "can not go out and do anything tonight because I am busy." Ok so now we ARE doing something afterwards at grandmas.
  3. As soon as we got home from the restaurant Dad is on the phone with someone and I hear: "We are home now"... Mom trying to be sneaky tries to start a conversation with me about "Who could he be on the phone with already?".... Hint, if you dont want people to know who is on the other side of the phone then DON'T ask them who they think it is, that just makes them pay more attention to the people on the phone.
My cousin does arrive, and spends several minutes talking to my parents.. thanks to my "self diagnosed ADD" I had slightly forgotten the previous hints and stay contently in my room watching tv shows... Mom asks if I want to come out to the living room and talk with him, but honestly I was tired {and given up on the possible event} and just wanted to relax. It was at this point that I got "The Call"... Grandma called me asking for help on her computer. This is not abnormal, and I have been called over there many times late at night... So they would have gotten me really good IF
  1. Dad, who had complained of horrible headaches and being tired and going through a bit of a flash wasn't INSISTING on coming...
  2. When I walked out and realized that it was pretty chilly and therefore had to come back for a hoodie I hear dad say "Now dont answer any questions" and then imeditatly follow with mom "hushing" him.... That was the kicker, so I immediately grabbed my camera and solemnly walked over to grandma's making sure I stayed with John as i didn't want to walk in too early.
However Grandma pulled her weight and had me slightly convinced that she really did have a computer problem.. though I honestly didn't know how I was going to be able to fix it, so I was glad John was there.

AND then they sent me to the computer room where everyone POPPED OUT!! I could not believe it, as I had figured it was only my Cousin and her mom...

If you are reading this because the other blog brought you here and you were part of that surprise, THANK YOU for making it special even if I had a lot of hints.. and dont worry, its only because of my overactive imagination and people watching that I figured it out... heh... It was still VERY SPECIAL to me.

My desk: with lots of balloons, I LOVE balloons!!
and my birthday Orchid and flowers
Lots of cards from friends and family

July 11, 2012

Whats today?.. oh Wednesday

Today's title is in reference to the fact that I have been thinking it is Saturday all day. With the holiday, and then my dad in the hospital and then driving up to see the Boyfriend and then working it seems like tomorrow should be sunday... which means if its this confusing for me, it has to be worse for my mom and dad.

Update on my dad: Tuesday he was released from the hospital after 5 days and 4 nights. Durring that time he has been on different doses of Prednazone [spelling?] and a blend of painkillers in the goal of getting him back to being mobile without any pain. One of the reasons that he was kept in the hospital so long was because his body reacts "violently" against steroids and they had to keep changing doses to try to give him some relief. [You come in because you have major muscle pain and the meds they give you cause you to have migraines and other worse symptoms ]
Then there was some drama about seeing the specialist, but I am very happy to say that as of Noon today, he was able to get the appointment rescheduled to Thursday morning [tomorrow] Hopefully then we will find out more information.

As for me, I have been holding down the fort.. and caring for a few sick dogs [Maybe something is in the air?]
On Tuesday morning I drove up north to have my boyfriend add some computer programs to my new computer and make sure everything was set up.. [There where a few that he didn't think he would be able to explain over the phone.. and after watching one of the programs "reject" the first three tries I am glad that I did drive up there]
Got enough Computer Screens there dear?

If you think they have visitors, your wrong..
these are just a few of their cars parked outside the office/garages

July 5, 2012

Happy Day-After-the-Fourth

First I have to mention that currently my Dad is in the hospital for sharp pain in his legs and feet and a rash that is covering his body. As of the last phone call to my Mom, the Drs do not know what exactly is causing it. Hopefully there will be some answers tomorrow when the tests come back.

____ Now for a recap of festivities______
This was the first time that my boyfriend has come to my family's annuel fourth of July celebration, though half of them had meet him this past New Years. I unfortunately had to work and did not arrive until 1.5 hours after it started so I figured introductions had already been established to those who did not know... I was wrong and called out on this after another hour had past [I am still amused]
Enjoying the yearly history Quiz, This year it was about family trees and State Mottos

Because of the heatwave and drought we spent the evening inside and did not shoot off fireworks at our home. So I persuaded the Boyfriend to take me downtown Indianapolis to see the show. 
20 minutes of fireworks set to music, It was spectacular! Seeing all the different shapes and colors are so fascinating to me.  There was one that I thought looked like a Peach/Hot Dog/Hamburger [Maybe I was hungry?] But it was several ovals together in red, green and orange. There where several that I call "Weeping willows" and lots of Sparkly ones, but we where too far away to tell if there was any "Screamers" [the ones with the high pitched screeches]

This morning was a very early morning for me [which has then missed up my internal clock making me think its later then it actually is]... My parents went off to the hospital and I cooked breakfast for the boy. After discussing whether to go to the Children's Museum [They have a new Hot Wheels exhibit] we settled on going to the Mall area to pick up some things he wanted.

If we thought that we where going to save money by not going to the Children's Museum we where mistaken, as I ended up purchasing a new computer at Best Buy. It has been on my list of needs for a few months now and I was planning on getting one in September. However yesterday while I was getting ready for the Fourth, my Laptop spat out a screw at me and took 5 restarts to print a simple document.
Next Month it will have been 5 years, which is pretty good for a laptop. In those 5 years I have replaced the motherboard, harddrive, battery twice, and power cord. I also went from Visita Premium to Windows 7. I have dropped it twice and I have unfortunately seen the blue screen at lest 10 times [which I have not decided if that is a high or low number for 5 years]

Durring those 5 years, I have also been introduced to the dark side... or brought into the light.... the World of Apple.
My first year of college was the first time that I had to work on a Mac, as it was required for my major and I was completely lost. And then to add into my "transformation", my boyfriend of 4 years has nothing but Macs.... Thus it was pretty much settled from the beginning of our relationship that this Mack was going to have a Mac.  [Yep the sales person thought it was funny too]
I leave to get food and let him finish setting it up... Come back and he's playing a game. Boys and Toys
So I am now getting used to the new Keyboard and mouse, but since starting this blog I have started to really like the system... And as I have told BF a million times..

yep really happy about the small stuff.

June 19, 2012

Solved: Mystery of the Crackling Knee

In April, I wrote about the problem I had with my left knee always cracking when I moved. When I brought this up with several different people who know sports injuries they simply said that unless it caused me pain then there was not much that could be done about it... it was just part of getting... OLD [dramatic music]
So I proceeded about my days/weeks/months until about three weeks ago I was running on the treadmill and had pretty intense pain and was unable to finish my run.
Because of my schedule I was unable to get to the dr right away and had to wait until this week... That being said it was too late and the disease had spread and taken over and they had to take off my leg
I stand here as proof that you shouldn't put things off for tomorrow what you could do today

Ok all kidding aside, no I didn't lose my leg... and I apologize if I have offended anyone by joking about it but I did get the "result" of my knee cracking yesterday at the doctors office and when I saw this photo [taken today] I thought it was pretty fitting.

ANYWAY.....it is believed to not be a bone issue, but a muscle issue... which is good because all I have to do is be diligent about building up more muscle in my thigh which will strengthen my patellar tendon.
Therefore this mystery is solved with the diagnosis of Patellofemoral Disorder [also known as Patellar Malalignment or Runner's Knee]
Which is funny since I have never really done any "running"... except for my attempt at doing Couch to 5K [which I have only gotten to the end of week 2]

May 10, 2012

MAY I have a moment...

Can you believe that it is the second week of may and I have yet to post something? Ok so maybe it isn't that hard to believe but I was trying to be better about posting. This week has flown by, I can't believe that tomorrow is Friday already. One week ago today I was north of Atlanta Georgia sleeping in a hotel on my way to my "half sister's" graduation. It was a whirlwind trip spending three days and two nights in Savannah, GA along with two nights in Acworth on the drive up and down. It was my first time to savannah and the brief time there has me wanting to go back. Granted I am not sure I want to live there... The homes I saw where very close together. On Saturday was the graduation, and Sis got her masters! We went out to a place called "the crabshack" for some seafood. I have eaten sea food often when visiting my moms side of the family in New Hamshire, but to my knowledge I had never had crawfish or mussels.. Though I had previously had clams (or is that actually the same thing?) I didn't like shelling the crawfish because they still had their faces (ommatophobia) but I still enjoyed the meal... I just didn't look at what I was doing (heh).
We also went to the beach and I found the atlantic to be very warm (apparenty I am used the to frigid waters off the New England coast). On Sunday (our last day in Savannah) we went on a bus tour and got to learn a lot of local history. Like how Forrest Gump was filmed there as well as Miley Cyris' movie. Savannah was started in the 1800's and was spared in the civil war ( atlanta and a city on the other side was burned to the ground).
Since coming back from this vacation I started working 40 hours in the floral department because of mother's day. So it's been crazy in my life. I am learning a lot every day and hope that I am actually helping and not slowing everyone down. I have yet to go the gym since coming back from georgia. So it's a good thing that my trainer is gone for two weeks because I'm sure I would hear about how I haven't been in in a while since I don't see how I could get in until after mothers day.

April 25, 2012

Things happen

It's been quiet here because life just got really busy. I am not even sure I remember everything that has happened but here are a few. ( by the way there might be errors here because I am using an app to type this using my little iPod keyboard)
1. On Monday I got a text asking me if I wanted a job... Thus I now have what is considered by most a "real job" (I realize what I have typed here might seem shady. The job is not shady... Well there are times when I am in the shade (lame joke laugh here) it is actually a really cool opportunity to help a fellow Maple Street pal. It's been fun granted it's a lot of work. I called myself the assistant to the assistant though my technical title is Jr designer... Not sure how much designing I will actually do which is fine sine I have only made a handful of arrangements in my life
2. A silk scarf order has come in. Sadly it's still within the family, but hey some of you where beginning to wonder if I was ever going to paint. I will hopefully post more about that later (after it is done and given to it's new owner)
3. My plan for pinterest Friday was in the works and then two things happened... First I realized that maybe I don't know how to do everything (ok so I knew that but sometimes I tell myself that "it can't really be that hard") secondly I was kidnaped

Ok so maybe I went voluntarily and MAYBE there was a lovely lunch and a side trip to my favorite store... So maybe it was more of a "fieldtrip" but that is the reasons that pinterest Friday did not happen this week.
Hopefully i will be able to sit down and write the rest of those interesting stories.
What have you been up to?