June 19, 2012

Solved: Mystery of the Crackling Knee

In April, I wrote about the problem I had with my left knee always cracking when I moved. When I brought this up with several different people who know sports injuries they simply said that unless it caused me pain then there was not much that could be done about it... it was just part of getting... OLD [dramatic music]
So I proceeded about my days/weeks/months until about three weeks ago I was running on the treadmill and had pretty intense pain and was unable to finish my run.
Because of my schedule I was unable to get to the dr right away and had to wait until this week... That being said it was too late and the disease had spread and taken over and they had to take off my leg
I stand here as proof that you shouldn't put things off for tomorrow what you could do today

Ok all kidding aside, no I didn't lose my leg... and I apologize if I have offended anyone by joking about it but I did get the "result" of my knee cracking yesterday at the doctors office and when I saw this photo [taken today] I thought it was pretty fitting.

ANYWAY.....it is believed to not be a bone issue, but a muscle issue... which is good because all I have to do is be diligent about building up more muscle in my thigh which will strengthen my patellar tendon.
Therefore this mystery is solved with the diagnosis of Patellofemoral Disorder [also known as Patellar Malalignment or Runner's Knee]
Which is funny since I have never really done any "running"... except for my attempt at doing Couch to 5K [which I have only gotten to the end of week 2]


  1. Following comment is from my loving boyfriend....

    Me: so did you think it was funny?
    BF: Yes I laughed when I saw photo and that you said you got leg cut off.
    Me: Bet you were impressed that I was wearing heels so soon after...
    BF: Hey now you can work at IHOP.
    Me: ...

  2. LOVE your joke!!!! And of course I love your outfit! It was perfect! I'm glad you have a diagnosis and it is not too serious. I had to quite the 5k plan. I think I got up to running 22 minutes but it was really wearing me out and I was hating it more and more. I need to get on a regular fast walking schedule. Somehow summer is so busy and I seem to be "running" everywhere except on the exercise track. :)