September 14, 2011


So some of you may know this, but I will be going to Ducktail Run next week.
What in the world is Ducktail?? I am not supprised if you dont know, i didnt know until two years ago when my boyfriend took me to the annual show.
 Ducktail is a Car show [ Click ] in Gas City, Indiana.
 Its a four day event starting with "Early Duck Cruise-In" on Sept 22, next thursday and lasting until the 25th. It is HUGE! It is one of the largest car shows in Indiana, and possibly the midwest.

Me:  Why is it called Ducktail?
BF: ducktail was a "cool" haircut in the 50's,
 the show supposed to be classic hot rods
 and mixed with james dean rod run which is home for all mercury customs

You will see ducks everywhere, including people dressed up! 
Like any car show there are contests: 

Best Car Name

Best Neon Lights

Best Idle Drags

Best Flame Throwing

Best Muffler Rapping

Best License Plate Name

Best Duck Display

Chrome Duck Award

So with a place like that I could not pass up the opportunity to make some scarves. I am sure that most of you have seen my first scarf that I made, Classic Cars. What you may not know is that the four cars [painted twice for 8 cars on the scarf] are my bf's family's cars and they take them to shows. 
Ok so i think you know where i am going with this. 
full length car on a 14x72" fringeless scarf with purple background

Front of car on a 14x14" Silk pillowcase with Kelly Green background
So far i have made one new scarf and my first pillow case! BTW if you dont believe me: 
Me on graduation day with my favorite car

September 13, 2011

Dear ....

[Blows the dust off the keyboard] Although that is not a completely true statement because i have been using my computers [yes more then one] quite a lot. Between reading blogs, and checking emails, and just networking in general, But i had forgotten about you... my dear wonderful readers. [chirp chirp chirp] Yeah i am in one of those moods where i really feel like i am talking to the wind. But that will not stop me this time.. I WILL write a post!

What has happened since my last post...
I went to a concert and read many blogs... one of which has inspired a "super secrete" design that will only be revealed upon my first craft show...
YES that is right my friends, if all goes well I will be in my first craft show this coming november! The check is in the mail and after calling the place three times, it is pretty much guaranteed that i will be vending there...
Which of course has me slightly freaking out... and thus began the reading of even more blogs and books on how to do a good job.

You may have noticed the countdown above the post.. that is still counting down the days for the February Show application deadline, which i am still thinking about and plan to have it submitted with the photos of what i am making now. All in all i have suddenly become very busy and am praying that this will all work out and that everyone will be able to stay postive.
I would appriciate all your prayers and any help in getting ready. Thanks <3M

September 1, 2011