July 11, 2012

Whats today?.. oh Wednesday

Today's title is in reference to the fact that I have been thinking it is Saturday all day. With the holiday, and then my dad in the hospital and then driving up to see the Boyfriend and then working it seems like tomorrow should be sunday... which means if its this confusing for me, it has to be worse for my mom and dad.

Update on my dad: Tuesday he was released from the hospital after 5 days and 4 nights. Durring that time he has been on different doses of Prednazone [spelling?] and a blend of painkillers in the goal of getting him back to being mobile without any pain. One of the reasons that he was kept in the hospital so long was because his body reacts "violently" against steroids and they had to keep changing doses to try to give him some relief. [You come in because you have major muscle pain and the meds they give you cause you to have migraines and other worse symptoms ]
Then there was some drama about seeing the specialist, but I am very happy to say that as of Noon today, he was able to get the appointment rescheduled to Thursday morning [tomorrow] Hopefully then we will find out more information.

As for me, I have been holding down the fort.. and caring for a few sick dogs [Maybe something is in the air?]
On Tuesday morning I drove up north to have my boyfriend add some computer programs to my new computer and make sure everything was set up.. [There where a few that he didn't think he would be able to explain over the phone.. and after watching one of the programs "reject" the first three tries I am glad that I did drive up there]
Got enough Computer Screens there dear?

If you think they have visitors, your wrong..
these are just a few of their cars parked outside the office/garages

July 5, 2012

Happy Day-After-the-Fourth

First I have to mention that currently my Dad is in the hospital for sharp pain in his legs and feet and a rash that is covering his body. As of the last phone call to my Mom, the Drs do not know what exactly is causing it. Hopefully there will be some answers tomorrow when the tests come back.

____ Now for a recap of festivities______
This was the first time that my boyfriend has come to my family's annuel fourth of July celebration, though half of them had meet him this past New Years. I unfortunately had to work and did not arrive until 1.5 hours after it started so I figured introductions had already been established to those who did not know... I was wrong and called out on this after another hour had past [I am still amused]
Enjoying the yearly history Quiz, This year it was about family trees and State Mottos

Because of the heatwave and drought we spent the evening inside and did not shoot off fireworks at our home. So I persuaded the Boyfriend to take me downtown Indianapolis to see the show. 
20 minutes of fireworks set to music, It was spectacular! Seeing all the different shapes and colors are so fascinating to me.  There was one that I thought looked like a Peach/Hot Dog/Hamburger [Maybe I was hungry?] But it was several ovals together in red, green and orange. There where several that I call "Weeping willows" and lots of Sparkly ones, but we where too far away to tell if there was any "Screamers" [the ones with the high pitched screeches]

This morning was a very early morning for me [which has then missed up my internal clock making me think its later then it actually is]... My parents went off to the hospital and I cooked breakfast for the boy. After discussing whether to go to the Children's Museum [They have a new Hot Wheels exhibit] we settled on going to the Mall area to pick up some things he wanted.

If we thought that we where going to save money by not going to the Children's Museum we where mistaken, as I ended up purchasing a new computer at Best Buy. It has been on my list of needs for a few months now and I was planning on getting one in September. However yesterday while I was getting ready for the Fourth, my Laptop spat out a screw at me and took 5 restarts to print a simple document.
Next Month it will have been 5 years, which is pretty good for a laptop. In those 5 years I have replaced the motherboard, harddrive, battery twice, and power cord. I also went from Visita Premium to Windows 7. I have dropped it twice and I have unfortunately seen the blue screen at lest 10 times [which I have not decided if that is a high or low number for 5 years]

Durring those 5 years, I have also been introduced to the dark side... or brought into the light.... the World of Apple.
My first year of college was the first time that I had to work on a Mac, as it was required for my major and I was completely lost. And then to add into my "transformation", my boyfriend of 4 years has nothing but Macs.... Thus it was pretty much settled from the beginning of our relationship that this Mack was going to have a Mac.  [Yep the sales person thought it was funny too]
I leave to get food and let him finish setting it up... Come back and he's playing a game. Boys and Toys
So I am now getting used to the new Keyboard and mouse, but since starting this blog I have started to really like the system... And as I have told BF a million times..

yep really happy about the small stuff.