May 10, 2012

MAY I have a moment...

Can you believe that it is the second week of may and I have yet to post something? Ok so maybe it isn't that hard to believe but I was trying to be better about posting. This week has flown by, I can't believe that tomorrow is Friday already. One week ago today I was north of Atlanta Georgia sleeping in a hotel on my way to my "half sister's" graduation. It was a whirlwind trip spending three days and two nights in Savannah, GA along with two nights in Acworth on the drive up and down. It was my first time to savannah and the brief time there has me wanting to go back. Granted I am not sure I want to live there... The homes I saw where very close together. On Saturday was the graduation, and Sis got her masters! We went out to a place called "the crabshack" for some seafood. I have eaten sea food often when visiting my moms side of the family in New Hamshire, but to my knowledge I had never had crawfish or mussels.. Though I had previously had clams (or is that actually the same thing?) I didn't like shelling the crawfish because they still had their faces (ommatophobia) but I still enjoyed the meal... I just didn't look at what I was doing (heh).
We also went to the beach and I found the atlantic to be very warm (apparenty I am used the to frigid waters off the New England coast). On Sunday (our last day in Savannah) we went on a bus tour and got to learn a lot of local history. Like how Forrest Gump was filmed there as well as Miley Cyris' movie. Savannah was started in the 1800's and was spared in the civil war ( atlanta and a city on the other side was burned to the ground).
Since coming back from this vacation I started working 40 hours in the floral department because of mother's day. So it's been crazy in my life. I am learning a lot every day and hope that I am actually helping and not slowing everyone down. I have yet to go the gym since coming back from georgia. So it's a good thing that my trainer is gone for two weeks because I'm sure I would hear about how I haven't been in in a while since I don't see how I could get in until after mothers day.

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  1. sounds like you had a great time... glad you are back..and yes..... you are a huge help in the floral dept!!! on your way to being a superb floral designer!!!