April 25, 2012

Things happen

It's been quiet here because life just got really busy. I am not even sure I remember everything that has happened but here are a few. ( by the way there might be errors here because I am using an app to type this using my little iPod keyboard)
1. On Monday I got a text asking me if I wanted a job... Thus I now have what is considered by most a "real job" (I realize what I have typed here might seem shady. The job is not shady... Well there are times when I am in the shade (lame joke laugh here) it is actually a really cool opportunity to help a fellow Maple Street pal. It's been fun granted it's a lot of work. I called myself the assistant to the assistant though my technical title is Jr designer... Not sure how much designing I will actually do which is fine sine I have only made a handful of arrangements in my life
2. A silk scarf order has come in. Sadly it's still within the family, but hey some of you where beginning to wonder if I was ever going to paint. I will hopefully post more about that later (after it is done and given to it's new owner)
3. My plan for pinterest Friday was in the works and then two things happened... First I realized that maybe I don't know how to do everything (ok so I knew that but sometimes I tell myself that "it can't really be that hard") secondly I was kidnaped

Ok so maybe I went voluntarily and MAYBE there was a lovely lunch and a side trip to my favorite store... So maybe it was more of a "fieldtrip" but that is the reasons that pinterest Friday did not happen this week.
Hopefully i will be able to sit down and write the rest of those interesting stories.
What have you been up to?

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  1. Amazing how much can happen in a week. I must stop by and visit you while you are at your new job. I love your title!!!!!