April 16, 2012

Pinterest Friday

Friday has come and went, but that does not mean that there wasn't a Pinterest Friday event going on... it only means that this gal is behind in her posting because of the crazy weekend. Also this Pinterest Friday was the most time consuming that I have planned, because it involved 5 days. You ask, why so many days for one event? Well today’s Pinterest is sponsored by thin you can’t live without.. FOOD! And I knew that I couldn’t just post one meal… so I have five meals that I made this week that where either new recipes or something above and beyond what is normally served at this household.

Monday: Chicken with Mustard Cream Sauce from Pioneer Woman.

Now I have made Mustard chicken since BC [Before College] and love it, so I figured that it was fitting to see if I could snazzy it up a bit.  But like most of my cooking, I hadn’t really planned for it and therefore started the cooking process without checking ingredients. {Typical} So there was a lot of googling for substitutions… like how to make your own heavy cream… which would have worked just fine until I realized that it was too soupy… thanks to our recipe making a cup of cream when we only needed ¼ cup… Heh. Also the recipe called for bourbon or white wine… which I had neither of… so out came a bottle of sparkling grape juice.
Despite not really following Pioneer Woman’s recipe it turned out really good and I will most likely be making it again [and who knows what I will substitute then]

Tuesday: Taco Boats… not one specific source other than my head... with handmade torillas

Something you may not know about me, is that I seem to be the only person around here that doesn’t really like the taste of beef… and because everyone else likes it I always am trying to come up with ways to hide the flavor [Or am I hiding the “Pink slime”?] I do like tacos because you have all the taco seasoning to cover up, so I made up the meat per tradition. However being required by Pinterest Friday to come up with something new/different I discovered a homemade tortilla recipe that I love [and have decided that I will most likely not be returning to store bought]
Making the tortillas was a fun new experience and has me requesting a press to make more.  Once everything was made [cooking the tortillas and the meat] I pressed the tortillas into a muffin tin and scooped the meat inside topping it off with cheese.
 Popping them in the oven just to melt the cheese they came out beautifully.
These were also really delicious and the left overs did not last very long [Me eating beef, who knew]

Wednesday: Based off “30 minute crispy salmon with creamy basil noodles” from How Sweet It Is

Since the New Year, our household goal is to eat fish more often and I have made it that Wednesday is fish night… However a certain member does not like fish so I am often on the lookout for a new way to make it more appealing. [Suggestions accepted]
Once again, I didn’t have what I needed to make this recipe so I just broiled the fish normally and then boiled some Asian noodles, drained them and then tossed the noodles in a cream of mushroom soup/milk mix. Toping that with the salmon and putting a dollop of left over soup mix on top.

Thursday: “Clean out the Fridge and Pantry” salad… from my brain.

It had been decided that we really needed to eat up the huge bag of spinach [from Costco] before it turned, so a big salad was in order. Again being “forced” to be creative, I wanted something other than “normal”. So I stood before the pantry pondering. My personal goal [besides making something “different”] was to make something that used up items that had been sitting around because we were not particularly fond of them. So it didn’t take me long to settle on a fruity salad.
For my Throw Out salad I used: 1 can of chicken breast[which I shredded], 1 can of pineapple bits, 1 can of mandarin oranges, 3-5 roma tomatoes[chopped], several splashes of strawberry poppy seed dressing, lots of spinach, some random cheeses, and a handful of pecans.
As a side we had a platter of 3 cheeses [which I can’t remember the names] and the very end of our box of wheat thins [Having not bought any crackers, again the whole planning thing] … was a pitiful platter but thoroughly enjoyed.

Friday was to be the last meal with me making pizza from scratch [something that is very rare around here] but I got rushed with preparing for scrapbook club [another interesting story], so we ate frozen instead. Saturday had us all in different locations so it wasn’t until Sunday that we once again ate a home cooked meal together.

Sunday: Mushroom Chicken and Fajita Chicken

Both of these are really simple and only count as Pinterest creativity in that I had never made them before. I pan fried chicken breast which I had cut up in 3 inch-ish pieces. Then in one pan I used the left over cream of mushroom soup with some milk and let that simmer while another pan had half of the chicken with the New Philadelphia Cream Cheese cooking cream Fajita style. Both were very good… personally liking the fajita more but I have never been a big fan of mushrooms.
Well I liked everything that I made this week. If you want to find out more about a recipe the links have been provided since I didn't want to type out all the recipes. 
Well I only have 4 days till the next Pinterest Friday... What have you created this week?


  1. oh my goodness!! you have been so busy! Your meals look amazing. I'm very hungry now. You might find a tortilla press at GW -- found one a few months ago on a half off day!!

  2. wow.. I 'm comin to your house for dinner.....those meals look fantastic....and your creativity is soaring in the kitchen!!!! I love it... great post M.... keep up the great cookin!!! we will have to have a cook-a-thon... :)