April 16, 2012

Monday movie review

Today I watched "Extremely loud and incredibly close". Its about a young boy struggling with the fact that his dad died in the collapse of the world trade centers. The child, named Osker, is extremely brilliant and knows a lot of trivia (the actor actually was the winner of child's jeopardy a few years ago) but has a huge list of fears (he is afraid of loud noises, old people and things where you could get stuck to name a few) and these fears just multiplied after his father's death.
While his father was alive he planned scavenger hunt like experience in the hope that it would help his son become braver. A year after 9-11 Osker finds a key in his dad's closet and thinking it is another clue (and desiring to "find" his dad) he sets on a journey to find the lock it fits.
This is a hard movie to watch at times but it's such a good story about the struggles of losing someone and yet finding out that you are not really alone. During his travels he mets so many interesting people and they share moments and dreams
One line that stood out to me was when Osker is talking to his mom and he says "everyone I met had lost something or someone." it truly was a healing process for him.
I'm not sure if I "recommend" this movie but I thought it was quiet good and thought provoking. The acting is well done with the young Osker as focus (my mom asked me where Tom hanks was... Which I informed her he was the dead father..they didn't focus on the big stars) There are a few choice words that are not needed and for those of you who are worried about the depiction of the tower collapsing:  they only show tv screens (no blood) though there are brief memory flashes of Tom hank's character falling (as if out of the building).

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