April 12, 2012

Come fly with me...

Let's fly away. Or just let balloons fly up in the sky.
Today was your average day, I woke up with a headache and then spend a long time perusing the net. After a bit I decided to mow the back paddock (between my yard and my neighboring grandma I have a lot of acreage that needs to be mown... Enough that you don't do it all in one day) So today I was in the far back that we just mow walking paths.
Again nothing really exciting (until google earth takes a new photo *wink*)
Returned the mower to the garage and proceeded to look in kitchen for inspiration for tonights dinner. At this time I look out the front door an notice that there is something shinny on the gate. Walking closer I see that it is a Micky Mouse happy birthday balloon. Now my birthday is far away, mom's is in three weeks and dads was last week but with extended family and a few of them practical jokesters you never know. Upon reaching the balloon I see that it has not been tied there (nixing a joke) and has been most likely pulled away from a party. Which is sad but still exciting to me cus I now have a birthday balloon.
Only a few seconds later I notice why the balloon got stuck in the first place... It has been tied to a dog collar.
Now not only sadness from a child missing a balloon but also worry that dog has escaped from party and child is now extremely heartbroken.
At the same time I wonder if maybe this is not really a collar of a pet as it is a "science balloon experiment" -- you know, like where you see how far the balloon traveled.
Seeing the pets name and a phone number and city I decide to call the number and find out what is going on.
Lady on phone: hello?
Me: um do you have a per named max?
Me: I found a pet collar tied to a balloon and wondered if you are missing your dog?
Lady: (starts laughing) I can't believe you found it. I was driving to ( omitted) birthday party and tied the balloon to my dog's collar. ( omitted)... It flew out the window.
Me: so you have the dog?
Lady: yes he's fine. Where did the balloon land? Are you in Indiana?
Me: yes actually im in the same city. Would you like the collar back?

She goes on to tell me that the party was not far from my house so it must have gotten stuck on the fence nearly as soon as it flew out her car. So now as I write this I keep getting up to look out the window and see if it's still there... I tied it back to the fence so she could see it from the road.

Yep still there.

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  1. That is such a fun story! I bet that lady was surprised!!!