August 23, 2012

How to pull a surprise Birthday party...

...Or what not to do

OK First of all, I cant believe that everyone showed up at 8/9pm to surprise me.. I really was surprised with who all was there. but I have to start this at the beginning

Friday I took my cousin to the Indiana State Fair which we had a great time.. I took her through her first Fun house, childish I know... and we rode lots and LOTS of rides... she did puke but that was only because she was laughing too hard while drinking a pop. She actually got me to ride a tower drop.. though I dont think I want to do that again.
On the way home we where talking about a little bit of everything and one question she asked me was what my birthday wish was... I said that I always wanted a surprised party but that it always seems like I would have to plan my own... 
Then Sunday was to be the family birthday dinner, but I had to work... me being the paranoid person I am figured two things... 1. I would get a phone call of them singing happy birthday or 2. All or some would show up at work and try to embarrass me.
...Well neither happened so I figured meh, my vibes from my cousin where wrong and I really am over thinking everything.
Well that evening, Mom tells me that my Aunt [her mom] said that I could not have my birthday card since I wasn't at the party.. thus my brain said... "oh maybe she is going to come over and visit on my birthday. I was no longer thinking about it being a "surprise party".
So if everyone had kept their cool, They would have completely pulled it off {and I wouldnt have had my camera on me... because despite popular belief I dont carry my camera with me at all times}

However several things occurred on my birthday that kinda gave it away:
  1.  Dad mentions that my cousin is coming over to look at the new saw that he will be using on friday... why would he come at 8pm? and why does he need to look at the saw right away? A saw is a saw, nothing that special about it.
  2. While at dinner I mention that we have not had dessert and even though I was full it is still tradition to at lest HAVE a cake around... which we didnt, and with the new stove I knew Mom had not baked anything.
    1. Mom says that I "can not go out and do anything tonight because I am busy." Ok so now we ARE doing something afterwards at grandmas.
  3. As soon as we got home from the restaurant Dad is on the phone with someone and I hear: "We are home now"... Mom trying to be sneaky tries to start a conversation with me about "Who could he be on the phone with already?".... Hint, if you dont want people to know who is on the other side of the phone then DON'T ask them who they think it is, that just makes them pay more attention to the people on the phone.
My cousin does arrive, and spends several minutes talking to my parents.. thanks to my "self diagnosed ADD" I had slightly forgotten the previous hints and stay contently in my room watching tv shows... Mom asks if I want to come out to the living room and talk with him, but honestly I was tired {and given up on the possible event} and just wanted to relax. It was at this point that I got "The Call"... Grandma called me asking for help on her computer. This is not abnormal, and I have been called over there many times late at night... So they would have gotten me really good IF
  1. Dad, who had complained of horrible headaches and being tired and going through a bit of a flash wasn't INSISTING on coming...
  2. When I walked out and realized that it was pretty chilly and therefore had to come back for a hoodie I hear dad say "Now dont answer any questions" and then imeditatly follow with mom "hushing" him.... That was the kicker, so I immediately grabbed my camera and solemnly walked over to grandma's making sure I stayed with John as i didn't want to walk in too early.
However Grandma pulled her weight and had me slightly convinced that she really did have a computer problem.. though I honestly didn't know how I was going to be able to fix it, so I was glad John was there.

AND then they sent me to the computer room where everyone POPPED OUT!! I could not believe it, as I had figured it was only my Cousin and her mom...

If you are reading this because the other blog brought you here and you were part of that surprise, THANK YOU for making it special even if I had a lot of hints.. and dont worry, its only because of my overactive imagination and people watching that I figured it out... heh... It was still VERY SPECIAL to me.

My desk: with lots of balloons, I LOVE balloons!!
and my birthday Orchid and flowers
Lots of cards from friends and family

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  1. How fun! And your post certainly was entertaining to read!!!!! These kinds of things are always hard to pull off!