August 27, 2011


Enjoying a free birthday treat from starbucks. Thinking the smell of coffee might start up some creative juices

Today is going to be a really good day. Usually I write my posts in the evening or the morning after finishing a new design, but today [and yesterday] have been pretty lazy and not extremely eventful.

I did get four scarves steamed and washed yesterday, but other then that really didn't spend any time in the studio.  Some new photos WILL be coming... i did promise you earlier. But to get said photos online, i need to switch computers. [Earlier this summer I felt "selfish" for having two personal computers, but now i find them really helpful, because I can leave one in the studio and still have one at home]

So the Secrete Design Theme will be reviled VERY soon!
And hopefully I will have some other designs that I am playing around with also posted soon.

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