July 18, 2011


So apparently the newness of blogging has not worn off yet, because I have been sitting here for the past 20 minutes trying to think of something worthy of blogging about. Thus being said I found myself looking at my icon and realizing that you probably have very little background about MarissaInk and my self apointed mascot. So without further adieu, here is the one and only:
Cherry Coke! 
Anyone remember this
can design?
Cherry Coke, aka Cherry, is shown here modeling the first MarissaInk Scarf, "Like a tree".  Cherry stands at 3 feet, 4.75 inches [Cherry wanted me to be exact] and loves being my model. I found Cherry about two years ago, laying on a shelf at my favorite store. I immediately picked Cherry up, not knowing his name, and determined to take him home with me. However as I wandered more about the store, I debated if I should really purchase him or allow some parent to buy him for their child. Like any good saleswoman, I then strategically placed him in a Lazy-boy for some child to spot and started to walk away.  Two steps away, I looked back, and there in his eyes I saw his disappointment on being left once again. And as you well know, Cherry Coke now lives with me.
I am sure that everyone knows what Cherry Coke is named after,  but you might be wondering "Why?" True I do love drinking Cherry Coke, but it is more of that I have a family of Bears and they are all names of Soda-Pop [<- that is to please both the Pop drinkers and the Soda drinkers :)] I take a good look at the bear needing a name and I try to figure out what Pop [sorry, I am a "Pop" person] So Cherry has a redish nose that made me think of Cherry, etc. 


  1. So can you buy cherry coke with the Like A Tree scraf?