July 17, 2011

Posting on the Go!

Ok MarissaInk is now joining the fun of going mobile! This is the first post of hopefully many that will be typed in this convenient manner. And there is also hope that I will become much better at updating information and posting via mobile apps.

I believe i mentioned yesterday that I placed a new order for supplies. I am hopeful that it will not take two weeks and that they will be able to find my house this time. Last order UPS "could not locate my home". Their excuse was that it was the regular driver taking a vacation and that the substitute must not have known where my house was. I would say that the substitute must have just been lazy.
Anyway so the next task is to Finally get some of my scarves over to SullivanMunce since they seemed kinda interested in having some. For of those that don't know I have interned there two summers and it really is a great place to check out. They currently have a great exhibit on stained glass works that were created from glass of bombed out European churches. Click to go to SullivanMunce's website. 

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