July 24, 2011

Friday Friday Friday

[in my head that was more of a big booming announcer guy voice, like for a monster truck competition, NOT Rebbecca Black's Friday song, I am sorry for those who now have that song suck in their heads.... maybe this will make up for it. :)]

Anyway, as I was saying, this Friday, I have a goal to meet. Unfortunately, that is about as far as that goal goes... well not completely. In my mind, I want to have at lest 3 new scarves designed, painted, cleaned and tagged to take with me to my lunch meeting at SullivanMunce. I am thinking of continuing with the Stained Glass theme, so the designing shouldn't be too difficult. However, the painting is where problems have arisen.  As I have mentioned before, my little "studio" is in my grandmother's basement. It is unfinished and I have had problems with the dyes bleeding into eachother in the past. Right now the only fix is to have a dehumidifier run and have a hair-dryer on stand-by. But as a dear friend has told me several times this summer, the bleeds only testify that this is indeed painted by hand. [I hope that you all can think that way too]
So with that said, a minium of three scarves by friday [well actually Thursday night] should not be to hard to manage.
Any thoughts on design? If I find I have more time, what should my next theme be?

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