July 27, 2011

Today's Special Guest

Today I had a friend in the studio.

Tory came down the stairs to see what I was doing. Because I was not sure if there was any poison, or anything else she might get into I found a piece of rope and tied her to my frame.... She didn't really like being tied up, and as soon as Grandma saw her and informed me that there was no poison, she got her freedom. :) But she was pretty happy to just lay under the frame... and tried her hardest to get dye on her.

Last week she was doing the same thing to my Mom, laying under the ladder when my mom was painting our house, and managed to get gray spots. Also I had painted a plank and was letting it dry on the floor... Bad Idea... Tory walked right over it, giving me cute yellow paw prints. Luckily we stopped her on the tarp, BEFORE she put her yellow prints on our hardwood floors.

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