July 16, 2011

First Special Order!

Ok, so currently I am hot and sweaty [Thank you Indiana Summer!]. I just ran across my field to deliver my first official scarf special order. [Four weeks ago I did have my special order tie, just in time for Father's Day but i will back track to that at a later time]. But anyway this is about my first Scarf special order.

My mother came to me wanting something special for her best friend Betsey [Betsey if you are reading this, Everyone was so happy to see you and thank you for joining the MarissaInk experience] So she came to me and asked if I could create something for her. I told her that it was on one condition, that even though  I have not sold any of my other scarves yet, that I could order more. [we will revisit that topic later, too]

Mom was kinda difficult to work with on the premise that she liked EVERYTHING I sketched up for her. [That's a mom for you :)] After settling on the color blue [I love working with my favorite colors, makes it even more fun to create], Mom gave me the following information about Betsey: she loves the water, boating, being outdoors, nickname Doodle.
I came up with about 6 sketches [and there are some that I will be trying out later, so keep your eyes open for more coming soon].
The final idea chosen was really simple and yet now that I have seen the finished project, I LOVE it! [I'm kinda jealous, Betsey, but I'm sure that you are enjoying it too]
Anyway, so here are some photos of the finished scarf:

Does anyone see the hidden image/word? Leave a comment if you know what it is, maybe you will win a prize.

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