July 28, 2011

Two scarves in one...

Ok so I wanted to show you a little about the inner working of MarissaInk and the really cool thing that I did on wednesday with my Stained Glass pieces. So because I wanted to get a lot done in a short amount of time, I created this really simple stained glass pattern. I had done one simular about three weeks ago, but this time the "pieces" where much bigger and thus allowing less time {AND LESS BLEEDING!!!} 
 So I made one Monday night in Green, Gold and Rose. Wednesday I wanted someone else to pick some colors, because I almost always use the same color... My Favorites! So I wanted some new color combos. Thus we have Stained Glass scarf Two, in Red, Blue and Magenta. 
While i was taking a photo of it to send it to my boyfriend, I had my camera phone on the "negative" filter. So the scarf turned out like this instead

Now I thought those colors where REALLY great together. {Granted its leaning back toward my Favorite colors...ah the teals and blues :) } But I figured... Why not? If you already know the colors are going to flow together, and its right there as if you sketched it, then go for it. So I did.  You will notice that my final scarf is less intense in color. {I had someone tell me that "White Square" was too strong for them, and the point of all this is for someone to purchase them, so I am hoping that the calmer tones will be more appealing}

So what you do think? 
As always, MarissaInk scarves are all hands-on... 
Hand mixed dyes and hand painted so each is unique and one of a kind, but  I can try to match colors and designs can be revisited if someone wishes. 
[You sometimes see the same color more then once because I try to use up my leftover dye before making new] 


  1. nice looking scarfs

  2. Thank you, I am glad you like them. Hope that one of the scarves catches your eye and that I will be getting some special orders from you one day. :)