July 24, 2011

Mystery Box

So at 11:30pm on Friday, I was checking my UPS status on my newest art supply order. And to my delight, it said that it had been delivered. Thus, one could have found me in my pj's in the middle of my yard in the middle of the night. :) Yes I was so excited that I could not wait one moment to open the box. {Anyone who knows me, can testify that I was not born with patience}
So after what seemed like 5 minutes of tugging at the tape, I Busted the box open, and voila ...
Yeah I have a really big happy face now..... and a really empty wallet [Come on rain!!! I need mowing money]
So for all of you really eager readers and future MarissaInk owners, there is much to rejoice in!

  • 30!! six foot scarves!
  • 3 new colors of resist: antique gold, red gold, and russet
  • 7 more bottles of dye, with some unique colors: apricot, kelly green, and scarlet red
  • 3 more bottles of resist: black, silver, and clear
  • And 10 more scarf clips!
Ok, so now I need some wonderful people to get the word out that MarissaInk is ready for orders!  Maybe there will even be some kind of reward for those that recommend MarissaInk to their friends. Hmmm.... Possibly a "Buy One Scarf, Get One Half Off"? [I will point out that this does not imply that I will be cutting the second scarf in half... wink] Yeah that might be fun to try. So your mission should you accept it,  is to find one other person who wants a hand painted silk scarf and you could get yours for half the normal cost.** Or you can purchase two for yourself, why not? So send me an email at MarissaInk.

**MarissaInk creations are priced by: supplies + labor time [design difficulty].
Price varies from $25 to $60+, highly dependent upon the design difficulty.   In this BOGO1/2, the Scarf discounted must have a design equal or less complicated then the other.  At this time, prices are determined at finish, but an estimate will be given before project started. Please contact MarissaInk for more details.

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