March 21, 2012

Tuesday's Tangents

For some reason this post did not post on Tuesday... so yesterday's Tuesday Tangent has become a Wednesday Wanderings

Today was an interestingly boring day...
The first 6 hours were spent at home waiting for the "bug people" to come. Though there where some advantages of them being extremely late... Which have allowed for a topic for today's Tuesday Tangent:

Being forced to stay at home until the "de-buggers" came, I was able to watch two movies that I had borrowed from the library which were due today.

The first movie was "The Social Network". Don't know how many of you have seen it, but it was interesting. They told the story of the birth of facebook through flash backs. I had heard of some of the issues surrounding facebook, since this has been a big event in my "lifetime" but it was still fascinating how some of the events played out. I even found myself going on facebook and looking over Mark Z's page... which he has uploaded photos of him from the "beginning days" if anyone cares to peer into the life of the guy who made stalking super easy. I have never been good at rating movies, but I would say this one is interesting and if you like "historical fiction" you will most likely like it... after all most of us can remember the first time we joined facebook.... I joined back in 2006 when I was supposed to be studying for a final at a friends house, this was just recently after they changed the rules to allow highschoolers in.

The second movie that I watched today was The Thomas Crown Affair... I had never seen it, until watching the first 20 minutes on tv a few weeks ago and thus decided it was interesting enough that I wanted to see the rest of it.. First I want to point out that I rarely watch R rated movies and I didn't realize it was R when I saw it on TV.... however that said there were only two parts that i skipped over... one being when they went out of the country... I personally thought there was no point having that in the movie.

If you haven't seen it then I will not give away too many details...The story line is a rich business man likes doing crazy things because "he's bored" and pulls off a art hiest and a "bounty hunter- like" woman with a art insurance  company has to figure out how he did it. Which I think was pretty cool... My favorite part is how he "put it back on the wall" to show he loved her more then the painting.

The last movie that I "watched" today was Jesus Christ Superstar... and I say watched in quotes because I barely got through the first 10 minutes of it. If you have seen it and you LOVE it, then good for you... I however could not take anymore and doubt that I will ever finish it.. I like musicals but not MUSICALS.

How about you, watched any interesting movies lately? Or have opinions on the three I named?

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  1. Will have to try the Thomas Crown AFfair and maybe watch the facebook one sometime.....