March 30, 2012

Pinterest Friday

Today being Friday results in


Today’s idea  was one of the popular items that I ran into back when I was just starting to get into blogging last fall.

How to make a Men’s Dress shirt into a dress/top/skirt without any sewing.

I had completely “backburner-ed” the idea until last week when I ran across a beautiful purple shimmer dress shirt. Loving the color I knew that I had to get it and at least try out the idea, knowing if that didn’t work....
 I could always cut it up and make flowers.

So without further ado,
I googled “men’s dress shirt dress” and started watching YouTube videos.
After trying several of the ways, multiple times I realized two things:

1.       Most of these girls would be listed as a size 0-6, which I am not… double digits here.

2.        If previously mentioned girls need a men’s dress shirt in size XL, I being bigger should therefore have a bigger shirt to which to use.

However I being determined to actually pull off this Pinterest Friday, stood before my mirror in shorts and a tank top twisting and buttoning the shirt into different folds. Basically I watched several tutorials and then just started twisting and buttoning. 

The first style made me laugh, and unfortunately I didn’t get that great of a shot.. but It reminded me of the bustles of women’s skirts in Western movies.

Next we have my attempt at a normal skirt… I liked it until I saw the photos…  you know how that is.

 Then I started tying  it as a shirt.... here we have "strapless"
Second try....

The final photo design is what I have decided is going to be the one I wear to my cousin's birthday party tonight.. That's right I am not "cheating" by saying that I wore them and then not going out in public in them.

The basics that you need to know to create your own is:

  1. If you have curves consider looking for a big mans shirt... though if you are just trying this out with your husband/brother/father's shirt to save money try to located their biggest.
  2. Use all and any buttons you can... not only will you button the "front buttons" but try using buttons that are on the pockets or cuffs
  3. Turn and twist, tie and [if needed] pin [safety pins]
  4. Often what will really help pull off the new shirt is accessories.
    • I tried two different belts before I picked the big green one
    • Also by pairing it with a longer sleeved shirt it looked more "classy" to me.
Do not be discouraged if a style is not working for your body type. I would love to wear it as a skirt, but for my body I would have to add a button for it to fit just right... and between losing some inches in the near future AND my "I don't sew"... i figured I would just make do. :)
What have you created today?

*** EDIT: Just got back from the birthday party, everyone [all the females] loved my outfit... Immediately they asked me if I made it, which I said yes and proceeded to let them guess how. After the party I "disrobed" and showed them that "No shirts had been harmed in the making of this...shirt". Also I used my smaller waist-ed cousin as a model for a skirt style, which again everyone was amazed. So that said, You should try it, not only in the privacy of your room, but take it out and see how people react." ***


  1. Wow!!! you look amazing in that shirt! I want to see this in person sometime!

  2. This is fantastic . I love the way you taught us how you did it... what fun... now I will be looking for great colorful mens shirts.. for you to make something wonderful....