March 16, 2012

Pintrest Friday

Today is the first Pintrest Friday, where hopefully I will accomplish somethings that I have pinned. Today includes a little "cheating" because I am going to post some items that I did a little while ago. But I do have one from today... and I am in the middle of working on the logistics of a big one but it will not be ready to report on until next week.

  1. First up from my board Organizations 

As a preface to this nice tip, I have to say that I am not a big fan of my computer desk. It only has one drawer and doesn't offer enough "cubbies" for all my stuff [Reference my desk photo from last post here ] I diffinally miss my desks that I had while at college... however I will figure out how to use this desk for now.

Ok so having one drawer means that you cant have a "junk" drawer... however that was what my drawer seemed to be....
Then as I was "wandering" through Pinterest I ran across the brilliant idea of using toilet paper rolls for small objects.
[Did i mention that this drawer is only 10 inches wide by 5 inches deep and 12 inches long? ]

So I saved up TP rolls for a few weeks and had started putting my head phones and flash drives in the tubes... but the drawer was still messy... [you cant see the TP rolls but they where in the upper right hand corner under the Asian cloth]

 So today I dumped everything out and started fresh.
Check it out! The only items that left the drawer between photos was a camera charger and 5 sewing needles that had fallen out of their case... Oh and I found out that not only do i have white out.. but I have TWO of those swipey things.. :)
            2. From my board titled Deadlies
So 2 Weeks ago this Saturday was my boyfriend's birthday and ever since we have been dating.... [4 years and 2 weeks from today [Friday]... and if you just did the "math" my first job as girlfriend was to celibate his birthday so its kinda a big deal to me]
Anyway..... since we have been dating I have created a cake for him.. The first year was kinda plain [give a girl a break, I had one day to create it] However I have designed more elaborate cakes since then... the past   four have had the them of "cars" since it is his passion... but this year, inspired by Bakerella's Fast Food Post I wanted to make his other "passion"--- Food-- more specifically a Hamburger.

Bakerella shows how to do this in smaller "slider" forms, but after having a kitchen disaster, I thought making one large hamburger would be better.... after all the cake had to travel 2 hours in the car.
The cake is quite simple... I used one box of yellow cake mix for the "Bun" and  one box Ghiradelli Dark Chocolate brownie mix for the "patty". Using half a can of icing and food coloring I made the "lettuce" with icing and coconut. Typically you would put yellow and red icing for "Mustard and Ketchup" but my BF likes his hamburgers plain or maybe some bacon.... so the bottom layer of icing is supposed to represent bacon... I even had red and white crushed sprinkles as "Bacon bits".

I think he really liked it... though he never seems to care what it looks like as long as it's "Yellow with sprinkles and coconut icing"

Your turn, what have you created after looking at pinterest?

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  1. I love the idea of Pinterest Fridays!!!! And your hamburger cake looks amazing! What a great idea!