March 28, 2012

Go CLEAN your ROOM!!

How many times have you heard a parent [or guardian] or even roommate say any of the following:
  • "You really should clean your room." 
  • "You know, things would be a lot easier if you had a clean room, you could find things.”
  •  “Clean up your room, it looks like a tornado hit.”
  •  “M is for Mom, not for Maid.”
  •  “Were you born in a barn? Clean up that mess.”
[more after the comic]

Now I am not arguing against the idea that “Cleanliness is next to Godliness” and in actuality I like to organize things and make areas look just liked a magazine. In fact for Valentine's day 2012, I deep cleaned and organized the kitchen as a gift to my mom, which she loved since at the time we were having issues with some rodents. I have no problems organizing anyone else's room... The problem that I have [and I am sure many others have] is that it is often a long process finding yourself looking through old odds and ins.
As a “self-diagnosed-ADD-person” I find myself looking through boxes of photos and old memorabilia. Since moving back home after college, I have basically been living out of boxes. Which is fine because I have gotten a lot of really cute boxes … like these… but not those. Actually I would really like to have those boxes… see even here I am getting sidetracked by a silly google search.

Some of you that have seen me recently have noticed that I have a little collection of cute suitcases…. Therefore in light of not posting a

"Pinterest Friday"

 last Friday I shall share with you what I did with my suitcases as inspired by the Suitcase Nightstand on my board… [20 minutes later]… apparently I never pinned my inspiration. So my plan is after I post this I will pin my own photo on my board Organizations and maybe draw more readers… muhhahah.

Anyway the idea is simple, find some cute suitcases and stack… really hard right? The hardest part for me was that I bought these at various stores {the GW of course} at different times not actually thinking this is what I was going to do with them…  That is I bought all the little ones and then after convincing myself that I really wanted this, and found the big green one. I however never told my mom what I was doing, and therefore she continually asked me if I was planning on going on a trip.

 Originally I wanted to stack them on the floor just like most of the ones seen on the internet. However I don’t have a very large room and floor space is precious. It then occurred to me that they would be perfect above my dresser, since I have always had a pile of miscellaneous things there… now it would look more orderly.
I think that it not only makes the top of the dresser look better [though I must say that it looks better in person then in that photo, camera phone] it caused me to re –think my room and shift everything again. [Heh]

Now my desk is on the north wall [was on the west] and the dresser is on the west [was on the north] and my chair is on the east wall [was on the north]. By moving that it did force me to take a shelf off my wall… which wasn’t well received by some… but my mother seemed to like the overall look of the room and agreed that my desk on the north wall gave me more space… and as I said before “space is precious”

Most would be embarrassed to show the world a huge mess… but you have all those people going on camera for the TV show Hoarders… anyway I figure you might not realize the extent of my cleaning… so here it is... I was standing in the same spot for both photos.


[granted this is "mid clean" and therefore 15% worse
then starting point but it is close, just missing "The Path" ]

Can you find the "living -breathing dog" in this photo?

 ...and After.

The desk was not fully cleaned when I took this photo
Bet that makes you feel a lot better about your messes doesn't it? 
Are you feeling overwhelmed with your messes, MarissaInk is here to help. With several dozen rooms and closets under the belt nothing can frighten me... except mice, spiders, centipedes, and other things that move... oh did I mention I'm allergic to dust? Ha-Ha

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  1. Your suitcases look great! I'm trying not to go in the boy's room until next week when I can take time to throw things in garbage bags and get things organized. UGH! Boys have a way of collecting cardboard and more cardboard.